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"How did I get here? I remember our plane crashed and some people rescued us but.. where are they? and where am I..?"

Operation Full Moon is a first person game where a pilot crashed on a dystopian island in the arctic. The island seems to be  ruled by a highly confidentional organisation. Find all 6 machines to escape, it's your only hope. And beware.. you are not alone.


Walk Forward: W-key

Walk Backwards: S-key

Left: A-key

Right: D-key

Run: Left shift + W/A/S/D-key

Updated 5 days ago
Published 7 days ago
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, Exploration, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Story Rich, Thriller


OFM_Windows_64bit.zip 191 MB
OFM_Windows.zip 188 MB

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The game looks pretty good. But I didn't like it for its slow gameplay. And the mouse controls is pretty bad. Perhaps add a pause menu with settings so that players can change sensitivity, raw mouse input and so on.

Sorry if I sound rude. This is feedback however. Nice game, once again!

Hello, is there any chance of a Linux build?

Nice job of world-building in a small area.  You successfully gave it its own unique feel.  Like someone else commented it took me a while to find the machine hidden in the forest, but still the layout of the rest was intuitive.

Congrats on finishing the game!

Very nice quick adventure, I really enjoyed the ambiance and the music. Can't wait for more

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I have to congratulate you on this great game. I really liked the graphics and music. The gameplay is simple, but it fits well with the game's proposal. Too bad it's short, but that's okay. congratulations.

So cool to see other people play the game :’) And thank you for the lovely review! It will be updated with a fuller version in the future! You can find the updates in my devlogs:) 

Hey I just played your game and it was short and nice! :)

The only thing I would mention is that the player can't jump through the broken walls, means invisible walls.

Keep making video games!

Thank you for taking the time to play it:) What walls are you refering to? The house?

Yes I was running away from the Werewolf and thougt i could jump over or through the Wall but it didn't worked. 

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Really love the colors and the atmosphere and how you tied the enemies to the level. Obviously always can improve and do things differently but one quick change you might want todo and upload a new build for, move the node hidden in the forest over to the sphinx statue, it was impossible for me to find it even with watching other playthroughs so I never actually finished the game.

Thank you for the review! I did move it a little bit to where I think might be easier to find. Read the devlog to see what I updated:) 

hey familia my name is isak, so recently i played your game and i had a lot of fun playing it. to start off the scenery was my favorite, it looked really good, i am bad at describing but there was this awe look to it. i really liked the mystery that revolved around the place we were in, are we in earth or maybe we got teleported to another planet?? O.O idk but it did leave me wondering what those voice meant at the end. i talk more about the game in in the video the gameplay starts at 4:52 also you name by any chance influenced by sodapoppin?


Hey! what a fun video haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I definitely agree on your points. What is mouse sensitivity even XD. It was my first game ever and it was made in a few days so it's more like a concept idea at this state. I will keep updating it based on everyones experiences to make it more fun and coherent with the story. And no I'm not familiar with sodapoppin :) Thanks for the review!

thanks for checking out the vid, i really appreciate it :D also for this being your first game this is pretty good! pfft yea what even is a mouse lol. well ima follow your account id like to see how the final project looks or if you have any other project id like to check them out!, keep up the hard work familia!

Nice color pallet and voice acting! Very beautiful game.

Beautiful game, nice job.

Hi! Voice actor from the game here! Are you on twitter to promote your games?

Hi! No I don’t own a twitter account :)

Hey you did an awesome Job! Congrats!

A short simple game that totally deserves your time! Congrats!

Thanks alot! I’m happy you liked it :)

I am amazed by your first game, I like it a lot! The atmosphere, the ambience music, so good! Congratz!


Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it :)